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I'm a percussionist who plays marimba, djembé, dununs, bodhran, and congas and have 32 years of professional playing and teaching experience. I've traveled to West Africa seven times to study with master drummers Famoudou Konaté, Mamady Keita and others. I see my teachers at least once a year in North America, if I am not able to travel off-continent. I've also studied music at the University of Victoria and Vancouver Community College.
I teach African drumming and perform in various musical settings and situations. I've accompanied literally hundreds of contemporary dance classes and have run my own hand drumming school for 24 years.
Teaching Style
By learning traditional rhythms one inherits the richness of lifetimes of musical experience. We become part of an evolving musical lineage, and it's lots of fun.

Almost any rhythm is teachable, no matter how challenging, as long as it's slowed down and taught in a step by step manner.

Why traditional rhythms? After teaching for a few years, I realized that drummers learn faster and deeper when the information is clearly defined. Rather than touching lightly on many drumming styles, I focus on just one tradition: West African djembé & dunun drumming.
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Where I learned hand drumming...
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