Descriptions / African Drumming Courses

Level 1 Course Description

Play traditional West African rhythms on hand drums (djembés). These introductory lessons are fun and concentrated. Learn basic rhythms. Learn how to strike the drum to produce sounds in the traditional style. Participants attending classes in Vancouver, learn to play dunun drums as well as djembé drums. Dununs are African bass drums played with sticks. This course level lays the foundation for higher levels. No previous experience is required.

Level 2 Course Description

This course is a continuation of level one. Every session different rhythms are taught. Therefore, this level can be repeated several times. Completing level one or permission from the instructor is required before enrolling.

Level 3 Course Description

The rhythms that are taught in level three are more complex and taught at a faster pace than in level two. Permission from the instructor is required before enrolling.