Descriptions / African Drumming Courses

West African Level 1 Course Description

Play traditional West African rhythms on hand drums (djembés). These introductory lessons are fun and concentrated. Learn basic rhythms and playing techniques to produce the correct sounds. Participants attending classes in East Vancouver will learn to play dunun drums as well as djembé drums. (Dununs are African bass drums played with sticks.) This course lays the foundation for higher level courses. No previous experience is required.

West African Level 2 Course Description

This course is a continuation of level 1. It's where drummers can further develop and deepen their listening and coordination skills. New djembé & dunun rhythms are taught every session. Therefore, this level can be repeated several times. Completing level one or permission from the instructor is required before enrolling.

All courses are taught by Russell

West African Level 3 Course Description

The rhythms that are taught in level 3 are more complex and taught at a faster pace than in level 2. Permission from the instructor is required before enrolling.

The way the West African course levels work is the level 1 course is usual completed once or occasionally twice. The level 2 course is repeated several times to further develop drumming skills. Once a drummer plays at a reasonably high skill level they join level 3. A participant's course level is determined by the teacher.

Afro Cuban
Level 1 Course Description

Learn to play Afro Cuban rhythms on conga drums. Rhythms from both the popular and folkloric traditions will be taught, as well as clavé and bell patterns. This class will also cover how to strike the drum to produce the correct sounds. Drums, clavés and bells will be supplied during classes. No previous experience is required.